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  • The voyage had begun, and had begun happily with a soft blue sky, and a calm sea.

    They followed her on to the deck. All the smoke and the houses had disappeared, and the ship was out in a wide space of sea very fresh and clear though pale in the early light. They had left London sitting on its mud. A very thin line of shadow tapered on the horizon, scarcely thick enough to stand the burden of Paris, which nevertheless rested upon it. They were free of roads, free of mankind, and the same exhilaration at their freedom ran through them all.

    The ship was making her way steadily through small waves which slapped her and then fizzled like effervescing water, leaving a little border of bubbles and foam on either side. The colourless October sky above was thinly clouded as if by the trail of wood-fire smoke, and the air was wonderfully salt and brisk. Indeed it was too cold to stand still. Mrs. Ambrose drew her arm within her husband’s, and as they moved off it could be seen from the way in which her sloping cheek turned up to his that she had something private to communicate.

  • Image of a woman being carried through the air by swans.

    82 Main St. Brooklyn, NY

    October 24, 2021

  • Oceanic Inspiration

    Winding veils round their heads, the women walked on deck. They were now moving steadily down the river, passing the dark shapes of ships at anchor, and London was a swarm of lights with a pale yellow canopy drooping above it. There were the lights of the great theatres, the lights of the long streets, lights that indicated huge squares of domestic comfort, lights that hung high in air.

    No darkness would ever settle upon those lamps, as no darkness had settled upon them for hundreds of years. It seemed dreadful that the town should blaze for ever in the same spot; dreadful at least to people going away to adventure upon the sea, and beholding it as a circumscribed mound, eternally burnt, eternally scarred. From the deck of the ship the great city appeared a crouched and cowardly figure, a sedentary miser.

  • Composition with Large Blue Plane, Red, Black, Yellow, and Gray by Piet Mondrian.


    Piet Mondrian

    Composition with Large Blue Plane, Red, Black, Yellow, and Gray, painted in 1921.

  • We’re a studio in Berlin with an international practice in architecture, urban planning and interior design. We believe in sharing knowledge and promoting dialogue to increase the creative potential of collaboration.

  • 2.
    Which treats of the first sally the ingenious Don Quixote made from home

    These preliminaries settled, he did not care to put off any longer the execution of his design, urged on to it by the thought of all the world was losing by his delay, seeing what wrongs he intended to right, grievances to redress, injustices to repair, abuses to remove, and duties to discharge.

  • A japanese painting of a bird in a river.

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    Japanese painting of flora on a river.

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    Japanese painting of birds in the shore.

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  • PETAL &

    Petal & Stamen is a new nature magazine from the same folks who brought you Antler & Horn. Each magazine contains over a dozen photography essays.

  • A truly unique artistic experience. Each piece in this exhibition is absolutely magical. Bravo!


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  • A day in nature

    The word nature is borrowed from the Old French nature and is derived from the Latin word natura, or “essential qualities, innate disposition”, and in ancient times, literally meant “birth”.

  • Introducing

    Ukiyo-e Prints

    Printed in Tokyo, Japan and made of
    100% organic cotton rag paper.
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    Japanese woodblock print of shapes by Taguchi Tomoki
    Japanese woodblock print of shapes by Taguchi Tomoki


    King Vortigern the usurper sat upon his throne in London, when, suddenly, upon a certain day, ran in a breathless messenger, and cried aloud—

    “Arise, Lord King, for the enemy is come; even Ambrosius and Uther, upon whose throne thou sittest—and full twenty thousand with them—and they have sworn by a great oath, Lord, to slay thee, ere this year be done; and even now they march towards thee as the north wind of winter for bitterness and haste.”