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  • Views of Mt. Fuji

    An exhibition of early 20th century woodblock prints featuring the majesty of Mt. Fuji.

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  • Before you arrive

    Want to have the best possible experience at the museum? Here’s what to do before you arrive.

    1. See what’s on show

    The museum has a handful of seasonal exhibitions, alongside permanent showings. Explore what’s on view this month.

    2. Get directions

    Figure out the best way to get to the museum, whether by car, foot, or public transit. See a list of our accessible entrances.

    3. Buy your tickets

    Save time by buying your tickets before you arrive. Show your printed or digital ticket to staff and then walk right in.

  • Arctic

    The Yup’ik live on the southeastern coast of Alaska. They are known for designing and creating beautiful carved masks.


    Cultures of interior Alaska and Canada living south of the Arctic Circle are often referred to as Subarctic Indigenous Peoples.

    Northwest Coast

    The Haida are known for using a shale called Argillite for carving intricate representations of the natural and spiritual world.

  • PETAL &

    Petal & Stamen is a new nature magazine from the same folks who brought you Antler & Horn. Each magazine contains over a dozen photography essays.

  • A japanese painting of a bird in a river.

    My Story

    Learn how I became an artist, and how I developed this particular style.

    Japanese painting of flora on a river.

    Get in Touch

    Want to show my art in your gallery? Send me an email and we’ll chat.

    Japanese painting of birds in the shore.

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